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Are you looking for an inexpensive way to give your Windows 10 computer a boost in performance? Do you have a USB flash drive and a spare USB port on your computer? Then ReadyBoost in Windows 10 might be a perfect solution. Note that you won’t likely to get the same speed all the time, but your connection speed at least should be the minimum of the plan you’re paying for. Doesn’t it seem like we don’t go a day without struggling with slow internet speed – we all know those moments when we have critical work to do from home.

One of the many ways that you can practice to give your system a little heads up is by clearing the junk files from your system. There is an option provided by the Windows operating system known as Disk Cleanup that will allow you to clean such junk files and unwanted cached to be removed from the system automatically. While Windows Defender could be a great inbuilt utility, but what’s the point in securing a system which isn’t even able to perform tasks?

Prefer Performance Over Style

It is advised to proceed with caution otherwise you could even make your PC unusable. In that case, Technastic or any of its members won’t be held responsible. With that said, here is how you could speed up your PC boot time via this Registry Editor hack.

  • For the first time, Canon has included gray and light gray inks in a PRO level dye based printer.
  • In combination with black, these two new tanks greatly help the B&W output of the PRO-100.
  • Different inkjet papers need different amounts of ink to perform properly – and this is where the media setting becomes important.

Also, if you’re using other antivirus softwares such as Norton, McAfee, or Kaspersky, then disable their continuous scanning feature. With that, we conclude this guide on how to speed up Windows 10 boot. Do let us know which of the three methods turned out to be most beneficial in your case. To try it out, you will have to change a value in the Registry Editor.

In these situation fast internet is even more important. Here’s few tips to improve internet speed on Windows 10 PC.

Now it is recommended that you use only USB flash drives for ReadyBoost download for desktop computers. You can use a USB 2 or USB 3 port, but since a USB 3 port has a faster transfer rate, I recommenced using one if you have one. But you can use an SD memory card for a laptop computer, as long as it has a fast-enough transfer rate. If you have never heard of ReadyBoost, it is a program that caches files that are frequently used by Windows 10. It stores the cached data on USB flash drive or SD memory card.

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One of them involves right-clicking on Taskbar and selecting the Task Manager option. Malware and adware can slow down your PC a lot too, so it’s worth using internet security software to make sure there’s none lurking around.

For ReadyBoost to work properly, you need to leave the USB flash drive or SD memory card attached to your computer at all times. Make sure it is running and set to start Automatically. Keep in mind that ReadyBoost was developed for use with Hard Disk Drives and not Solid State Drives . HDD’s are known to have slower read and write times than SSD’s.

To disable animations, open the Start Menu and select the Settings cog. Select all the file locations in the list that appears by ticking them. If you’re unsure about what each one is and whether you want to keep it, select them individually and read the description that appears below. For the majority of users these files are useless logs or temporary system files that are no longer required – this process won’t delete your personal files from your desktop, for example.