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To check what version of Android your device has installed, go to your settings and check the About or General section. Due to Onshape’s full-cloud architecture, increases in RAM provide only marginal gains in performance. However, additional RAM can improve the experience of running multiple browser tabs or other applications simultaneously.

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If you’d like to bookmark Help pages on the iOS platform, you can use your app settings on your iOS device and set "Open Help in browser" to on. When you access the help via Onshape, it will then open in a browser, where you can create bookmarks of specific topics or pages. A device running the latest version of Android does not necessarily support OpenGL ES 3.0. We recommend that you avoid running Onshape on devices with a Mali 400 or Mali 450 GPU, as these are unable to render 3D graphics properly.

For more tips on improving performance while creating Assets in 3D applications outside of Unity, see Modeling characters for optimal performance. You can render menus at a lower frame rate to reduce power consumption and to prevent device temperature from rising to a point where the CPU frequency may be throttled.

Occasionally a browser may take away the WebGL context and never return it. One known cause of this situation is when the GPU runs out of memory.

Use OnDemandRendering to improve CPU performance by controlling your application’s rendering speed. lights in the Forward rendering path, there are situations where combining objects may not make sense.

If you elect to proceed after receiving the error message, you will likely notice graphics glitches or a blank, white screen. Devices with older GPUs and older implementations of OpenGL ES 2.0 sometimes lack the necessary capabilities to run Onshape’s 3D graphics. This most often happens on devices with a Mali 400 GPU.

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When tessellation is being forced to a higher level of detail, it results in the GPU having to render more triangles and can affect performance. Consider removing the override to avoid this overhead, or force detail to the coarse setting, to lower the total triangle count. See the "Specifying tessellation quality" heading within the Specifying tessellation quality of parts help topic for more details. In case of dual graphics systems, ensure that you are getting the expected GPU. On some systems the browser is limited to the integrated GPU, which may not perform as well as the discrete GPU. Consult the GPU documentation or the operating system help to ensure the browser is able to access the GPU of your choice.

GPU performance on mobile platforms and low-end PCs is likely to be much lower than on your development machine. It’s recommended that you manually optimize your shaders to reduce calculations and texture reads, in order to get good performance across low-end GPU machines. For example, some built-in Unity shaders have “mobile” equivalents that are much faster, but have some limitations or approximations.

The Onshape graphics library uses Vertex Array Objects . VAOs are supported natively in OpenGL ES 3.0 and above, but are not supported in the OpenGL ES 2.0 library. Often, implementations of OpenGL ES 2.0 contain extensions that support VAOs, but the support of these extensions is not guaranteed by Android and depend on the service of the manufacturer.

Realtime shadows are nice, but they can have a high impact on performance, both in terms of extra draw calls for the CPU and extra processing on the GPU. Use Compressed textures to decrease the size of your textures. This can result in faster load times, a smaller memory footprint, and dramatically increased rendering performance. Compressed textures only use a fraction of the memory bandwidth needed for uncompressed 32-bit RGBA textures. to light static objects instead of calculating their lighting every frame. Per-vertex dynamic lighting can add significant work to vertex transformations, so try to avoid situations where multiple lights illuminate a single object.

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See the Lighting performance section below to learn how to manage this. Note that combining two objects which don’t share a material does not give you any performance increase at all. The most common reason for requiring multiple materials is that two meshes don’t share the same textures; to optimize CPU performance, ensure that any objects you combine share the same textures. This could be in skinned meshes, cloth simulation, particles, or other game objects and meshes. As above, it is generally good practice to keep this number as low as possible without compromising game quality. See the section on CPU optimization below for guidance on how to do this. Check here for suggestions to improve stuttering, lagging, and other performance issues.