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However, live chat is more efficient than email and social media. Taking into account the price and effectiveness, it’s easy to see that live chat is the best solution.

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Customer satisfaction allows us to determine whether website visitors get what they want from live chat. Even if a Live Chat Agent handles a visitor’s request in a quick and friendly manner, it does not mean that their expectations have been met. A customer may receive all responses in under 40 seconds but that does not mean that all of their expectations have been met. Sometimes you want to install a messaging app so that you can just chat about last night’s game with someone in the next office.

  • It usually takes hours to create a professional double exposure effect.
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As for the actual live chat system, I liked the canned responses and shortcuts. And the actual interface for dealing with chats is pleasant. But if they’re similar to the cloud interface, I imagine they’re well-designed as well. For instance, it works perfectly with WordPress, and users have given the WordPress plugin high ratings. The ease of use, customization and analytics options, and the integration with many other services all make LiveChat a solid choice.

Sometimes you want a chat program that will let you send the entire contents of the Pentagon to Wikileaks without anyone else knowing. Tox might just do that for you… although if you get caught don’t blame us. So if you’re in the market for a live chat tool that integrates easily with WordPress, give LiveChat a look. Its easy setup and 30-day free trial mean you won’t be out any time or money for giving it a go.

Now you have a clear idea of the pros and cons of live chat software. It depends on your specific business model, but live chat generally brings in more revenue for mid- and large-size companies. A top live chat subscription plan costs only tens of dollars a month, and the support agent can handle a few discussions simultaneously. Overall, the monthly expense for live chat support is lower than that of phone support but more expensive than email or social media.

That’s why we refuse to use scripts to guide Live Chat Agents. To create customer satisfaction you have to really engage with website visitors every time that you interact with them.