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The Institute was also working with women’s organizations at the State level on the task of institutionalization. Municipal governments were also working on the incorporation of gender perspectives into their administrations. This suggests that the lower number of males currently observed is partly the consequence of migration abroad, which is a predominantly male phenomenon. With the exception of three federal states, women outnumber men in all parts of the country. Where the proportion widens, it is believed that migratory flow patterns, which differ by gender, are the main reason. The first contains Government responses to the recommendations made by the Committee regarding Mexico’s combined third and fourth reports. The second part describes the progress made and actions implemented during the period, with regard to the country’s implementation of the 18 articles of the Convention.

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As of February 2005, the number of murdered women in Ciudad Juarez since 1993 is estimated to be more than 370. In November 2019, Mexico vowed to stop gender-based violence as new statistics showed killings of women rose more than 10% in 2018. There had been agitation for women’s suffrage in Mexico in the late nineteenth century, and both Francisco Madero and Venustiano Carranza were sympathetic to women’s issues, both having female private secretaries who influenced their thinking on the matter.

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Activists pointed out that domestic violence is a far more severe issue than annoyances between family members. But it is precisely the government’s inaction and negligence that sparked major nationwide demonstrations and protests in 2020. “ there is an overload of work, it is not just the physical but also emotional and mental for women. What was once a home and family space becomes a space with work responsibilities, caring for children, also caring for a husband. If he is violent, well, the role of the violence is doubled, plus the responsibility for mothers who now also have to be teachers.” Lara told HipLatina.

Gendes has been around since 2013 and is a leading light in a growing number of groups and organizations in Mexico that, through public education and personal support, work with men to stop meet mexican women violence against women. They aim to reconfigure the harmful ideas about gender roles that contribute to the high rates of this violence in Mexico, especially within intimate relationships.

Better to hire hotel rooms as temporary shelters that allow for social distancing and safety from both abusers and COVID-19 spread, as some European governments have done. In the United States, banning alcohol sales during the pandemic has also been recommended – an unpopular measure but one with strong evidence of effectiveness. In Cuidad Juárez in the 1990s, hundreds of women were tortured, raped, gruesomely slaughtered, and tossed to the side of the road. Surrounded by speculations of serial killers, “snuff” movies, and macabre initiation rites linked to local drug-traffickers, police, and politicians, the murders were never resolved.

When Juan Guaido raised his right hand and symbolically swore himself in as Venezuela’s interim president nearly two years ago, the tens of thousands watching on a main Caracas avenue rejoiced. As the country’s national anthem, “Glory to the Brave People,” then blasted through loudspeakers, some lifted their hands in a sign of victory, crying and overwhelmed with emotion. The trickle of news alerts in the following days advising that another country had recognised the 35 year-old as the country’s rightful leader seemed to confirm their certainty that Nicolas Maduro would soon be forced from the presidential palace. But two years on and Mr Maduro remains in power with complete control. And after parliamentary elections on Sunday, that claim will likely collapse entirely when he loses his seat and thus his claim as Venezuela’s legitimate president. With Guaido’s term ending, so too will his parliamentary immunity. Mr Maduro may feel emboldened to detain the opposition leader or force him to flee the country.

The president has often invoked “neoliberal models,” referring to the decades of political leadership before his inauguration, as the cause of many of the country’s ills. Of those incidents, 308 are categorized as femicides, according to Mexico’s Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection. The government data shows a lower number for femicide as the interpretation relies on specific evidence a woman was killed because of her gender. A record 26,171 emergency calls about violence against women were made in March according to the government data.

The following month, when the “quédate en casa,” or stay-at-home regulation was in full effect, there were 21,722 calls, the same government report states. “Ninety percent of those calls that serve as your base are false, it’s proven,” he told a journalist when asked about his government’s own data on emergency calls about violence against women.

Considering the gravity, and high number, of the cases, Pérez and her colleagues had to convene a wider network of therapists and reach out beyond Mexico City. To date, 54 feminist psychologists in four cities work with 600 to 700 women, mainly between the ages of 25 and 35. This systematic scoping review informed by an intersectionality framework offers understandings into the existing empirical evidence of Mexican women who remain behind while their partners migrate abroad. Significant gaps and potential biases in the literature were discussed, and implications for future research and intervention work are proposed.

Notably, women with different forms of identity (i.e. transgender women) were not considered in the analyzed studies. This is important as not all types of women may experience the migration phenomenon the same way. For instance, findings from this review indicate that women continue to depend on their migrant partners’ displays of hegemonic masculinity through dominance, power, and patriarchy. Similarly, the patriarchal nature of Mexican culture can explain the migrant men’s infidelity—rooted in “machismo,” or an entitlement to patriarchy and an attribute of masculinity ideology that places men over women . Thus, I suggest particular attention be paid to women who do not self-identify as cis-heterosexual, including lesbian, transgender, and bisexual women. Researching such populations would help us have a broader understanding of the experiences of remaining behind.

For instance, the voices of Indigenous women who do not speak Spanish were largely left unheard. This is problematic as more than seven million Mexicans speak at least one of the 68 Indigenous languages in the country .