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As soon as we have the right project for them, you can bet that one of these patterns will be on the wall. Used it to cover the front of a powder room door that is actually two doors that meet in the middle. They are made from a very plain wood and thought that covering them would look good. It’s heavier than I thought and it is also incredibly easy to apply. I was able to apply and remove the paper numerous times until I got the fit just right–no problem with adhesion as the paper sticks very well.

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I was concerned that once I put it in place I would have a hard time to change position, but that was not a problem. This pattern turned out to be much more attractive than I could have imagined .

It’s amazing how it changed the doors to such a fantastic look. Below is a pic of the door on the right side of the powder room. If I’m paying $50 per roll for wallpaper, I expect the pattern to line up perfectly, but it didn’t.

It’s a big upgrade from the often-recommended method of puncturing wallpaper with a fork, which can be time-consuming and do damage to drywall. Found this company last year when designing Elliot’s nursery and fell in love with their prints and patterns. I used #1 in Elliot’s bedroom because who doesn’t need a pink tree mural in their room. I cannot say enough good things about the details, quality and coloring of their stuff. You might be familiar with their stationary but these guys make some pretty joy inducing wallpaper patterns as well. He does have a few more modern patterns like #7 and #8, but I love a lot of the older classic patterns. We recently found out about these beautiful florals when she sent through some samples to our office and I love them so much.

  • You can bring the nature into your house with the photo wallpapers from National Geographic and Komar.
  • Juju wallpapers are local to Portland and we all know how much I love a small business, especially a small business in Portland that puts out some lovely patterns for your walls.
  • Each roll of this wallpaper covers around 56 square feet of space, making it an easy way to upgrade a small bathroom.
  • Hygee & West carries some of my favorite patterns that I seem to go to for inspiration each time I need a new wallpaper for a project.
  • We also offer Esprit wallpaper with unique colours and bold patterns, suitable for all ages.

Some people also like to apply a little extra adhesive spray to make sure the wallpaper is extra secure, although it’s not necessary. This grasscloth wallpaper is simple in nature as it is beige with hints of brown, and has the look of a textured wall . The roll is 20.5 inches wide and 16.5 feet long, so it covers a surface area of 28.18 square feet. The rolls tend to vary in color a little, so it may be best to only use on a space that is a little smaller and can be covered with one roll, unless you don’t mind a little variation. Made with high quality vinyl, it’s also easy to keep clean as you can wipe it down. The beige color makes it easy to match with any room and decor, as the neutral tone looks good with pretty much anything. This pretty floral wallpaper puts a modern twist on the flowery wallpaper you may be used to seeing in your grandma’s house.

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We would have needed two additional rolls of paper to cover the wall behind our bed, so we decided to do a smaller wall instead. While it’s easy to apply, there are still a few tools you’ll want to have on hand to make the job go even smoother. A ruler and X-acto knife or sharp blade are ideal for making straight cuts. A plastic smoother is helpful for smoothing out any bubbles in the paper, although even an old credit card works just fine.

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The vintage rose print is adorable without being too frou frou, and it would look great in a dining room, on the back of a bookshelf, or above a chair rail. The roll is 17.7 inches wide and 32.83 feet long, so it will cover about 48 square feet.

There’s one place in the pattern’s repeat where the leaves just aren’t right. download link Basically, wallpaper prints repeat every foot or so, allowing you to match up the pattern seamlessly as you move from strip to strip. The Magnolia Home Willow Wallpaper has a really large repeat, and you end up wasting a lot of paper to get the pattern to match up. In the worst spot, we had to cut off 17 inches (!!!) to get the print lined up. With this much waste, you may very well find you need more wallpaper than initially anticipated. Each wallpaper strip is 20.5 inches wide, so a better way to measure is to divide the length of your wall by 20.5. Divide that number by 2, and that’s how many rolls you need.